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‘Lets Get Dirty’ Dead Sea Mud Mask


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Are you looking to revitalise your skin and return it to it’s former glow? 

Revitalise your skin with 100% natural remedy to get back that former glow.

Dead sea mud is sourced from the famous inland sea that straddles the borders of Jordan and Israel.

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The Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the world with far greater concentrations of minerals than any ocean (a concentration of 32% minerals compared to other seas, holding approximately 3%).

Bromides and Iodine are present in the Dead Sea, including other minerals such as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. All these minerals work together as regulators of cell activity and daily functioning, relieving muscular pain and stabilizing fluid levels in the body.

Contributes to regeneration and restoration of skin/ acts as a disinfectant /removes harmful substances from skin. Magnesium relaxes muscles.

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We recommend that you try the Dead Sea Mineral Mud as a face or body mask, by applying and leaving on skin to dry, then rinsing off and moisturizing to complete this refreshing feeling.

Please test on a small area of skin to avoid any possible intolerances.

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