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Soothe & hydrate your skin with our natural organic skin care range.




100% pure organic bath products that are good for you and the planet.




Cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise your body with 100% organic products.

BEE Cool Cooling Spray - New Product

‘Bee Cool‘ Organic Cooling Spray

The latest product to our range is ‘BEE Cool’ Organic Cooling Spray with soothing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients including Bulgarian rose essential oil, Green tea, Jojoba oil, Ylang ylang and Vitamin E.


Bees Wax & Royal Jelly

Beeswax constitutes a protective barrier against many external factors by forming a film on the skin surface.

Carotene present in beeswax is a valuable source of vitamin A, into which it is converted.

Vitamin A delays collagen degradation, stimulates mitotic division in the epidermis, thus leads to sooner regeneration of the skin after damage.

Royal jelly — both used orally and topically — may support wound healing and other inflammatory skin conditions.

It’s known to have an antibacterial effect, which can keep wounds clean and free from infection 

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“My skin has done a complete turn around since using the ‘Honey Bee soothed’ product”.
I was an itchy, swollen mess with dry flakey patches, I would bleed when I scratched and I could not use any other product without a reaction.
Since using the HBS balm alongside the ‘Innerbalanceph’ to bath in has turned my life around.
Thank you so much ‘Chubby bee’❤️
Suzanne Cullen


Repair Me Royal Jelly Balm
I recently met Karyn at the Eumundi markets & bought ‘Repair Me’ and ‘Loosen up’ muscle rub.
I am absolutely thrilled with the results of using the ‘Repair Me’ cream.
 I have suffered from a skin rash problem around the middle of my body for a couple of years & treatments of various creams & antibiotics from skin specialists have not helped at all. 
The ‘Repair me’ cream started reducing the severity after 3 applications & it had almost gone after a week. It has also quickly healed a few other dry spots. 
I have also used your ‘Loosen Up’ Muscle Rub with great success on my grandson’s sore shoulder after a long basketball practice.
Pam Stokes  –  Australia  


Chubby Bee You Glow Girl Rejuvenating Balm

I recently saw Karyn’s Chubby bee stall at the Redcliffe markets whilst on holiday. My friend was interested in the skin repair cream but the facial balm caught my eye ” I thought oh no, yet another promise all, deliver nothing product’, after talking with Karyn and loving her personality, I honestly just bought her product because i liked her Lol. Anyway, to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. My fine lines have disappeared, my skin feels soft and as it says on the tin it glows. I can’t stop recommending this product to all the women I know.

Thank you Karyn, Chubby Bee is my new all body skin care.

Lesley Polson

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Chubby Bee - Inner balance ph bicarbonate
Topical Steroid withdrawal skin condition

After using the Innerbalanceph for 2 weeks I noticed improvements, and over the past number of months my skin is currently better than I can ever remember.

I am now 16 months ‘Topical steroid withdrawal’ and I am living proof that the continued use of potent steroid creams is not needed to live a happy life with normal skin. The real test came a few weeks ago, when I went on a holiday, previously my skin would react badly in sunshine, this time I spent the entire week in the sun and my skin remained clear without itch. I now spend time connecting with others who are suffering in the midst of TSW, if I can heal using Karyn’s soda then so can others.

Karyn is both very knowledgeable and helpful regarding TSW. Karyn and the soda product have been my life saver.

Nick Edwards
Isle of Man


Five years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis.

I was told by a friend to use the innerbalance pH high grade form of bicarbonate to alkalise my body to reduce inflammation ( She was currently using the product for cancer).

After four to eight weeks I experienced a significant reduction in swelling and pain.

This product is absolutely amazing!!

I now know that I have another alternative to taking prescribed medication.

This ‘InnerbalancepH’ has given me a new lease of life that I thought was not possible.

Alan James
QLD , Australia

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