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Chubby Bee offers organic products to help soothe and repair dry skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Red Skin and more, as well as natural skin care and insect products. 

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Throughout my daughter Meghan’s life she had used some of the strongest cortisones on the market for her eczema. These kept her full body eczema at bay but this came with a price.

At the age of 13 there became a point where the steroids no longer gave the results she had previously experienced. Meghan’s body was bright red due to dilated capillaries. Plasma leaked from her skin and the skin peeled or flaked away. Her skin did not look anything like eczema anymore. She sadly looked like a burns victim!

After visiting many dermatologists and Doctors we were just offered more steroids but nothing worked.

It wasn’t until I met a Pharmacist whom is now a good friend of mine that we began hearing about Topical Steroid Addiction (T.S A.) or Red Skin Syndrome (R.S.S.).

I quickly began to research and saw hundreds of men, women and children who had symptoms just like Meghan.

We immediately stopped Meghan’s steroids and within days her skin went from bad to worse, she was in full Topical Steroid withdrawal (T.S.W.) The next few months were Hell for her and all those involved with her care.

Around month four, we found the first of two miracles:- natural soothing balms.

These balms gave Meghan instant relief and some of the flexibility came back into her skin and the fact that these balms were all natural gave me comfort.  We were done with chemicals!

 We have since developed our own 100% organic soothing balm. You can purchase our Honey Bee Soothed here.

At around six months the second miracle happened:- ‘InnerbalancepH Bicarbonate
I had been researching alkalising the body after talking with many naturopaths and health professionals and we knew Meghan tested highly acidic internally, so we started her on an alkalising program with a low sugar diet, no acidic foods or drinks, alkaline baths and internal alkalising.

We used the highest grade of medical/Pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate of soda. This neutralised the acid in her body and the baths calmed and controlled the many infections that were present within the dermal layers of her skin, the results were astounding.

As Meghans skin was riddled in bacterial infections which are commonly found in eczema cases and topical steroid withdrawl her skin calmed very quickly, even after the first bath.

We believe that when the bad bacteria that lives on our skin is placed in an alkaline environment, they can be controlled more easily as most bacteria’s enjoy an acidic environment to breed in.

Meghan continued to improve daily, and after only 4 weeks her skin was clearer and thicker than it had been for years. The dilated capillaries however, did remain, leaving her skin looking pinker than the average skin however the common intense itch, flaking and peeling subsided as did the oozing and in time her pink skin faded and began to look normal again.

Meghan was able to return to school and live life like a normal happy teenager should.

Meghan still has allergies to the environment which at times makes her itchy but she uses natural supplements to control the histamine reaction, she is no longer controlled by her skin condition….

She is finally free.

It’s time to take care of your irritated skin now! All you need to do is shop now, or contact us with your questions. 

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