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Nick Edwards

After using topical steroids regularly for over 10 years, I suffered a major flair in March 2017 and decided to stop applying the steroid creams which had been my “go-to” for many years previously. Even in their most potent form I found they were not working any more.

By ceasing the steroid creams, I began to flair very badly and woke one morning to find I had the common red sleeves and legs and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. With nothing else to do but look for answers I scoured the internet and stumbled across the ITSAN website and found the symptoms so many were suffering were the same as mine. Reading how long it takes to recover from TSW was heartbreaking,

I was bed bound and unable to spend any quality time with my 2 young children. Over a period of 6 weeks my symptoms got progressively worse, with my mother having to visit my house morning and night to look after me.

With my whole system going crazy, bright red oozing skin, loss of hair and eyebrows, it became clear that I was in for a tough time and the decision was made that I leave my house and move to my parents for intensive care. I had 3 house visits from my Doctor, he was shocked to see the state of my condition and was insistent that I receive steroid injections to bring my system under control. I made it clear that as bad as I was feeling that I would have no further steroids administered and I would stay strong and let me body recover, this was a tough decision to make as at times I wondered if I would ever be healed and I felt very depressed.

Unable to move or walk without pain and night times being especially bad with disrupted sleep patterns, I began to fall into despair. Like many sufferers, I spent many hours on the internet and connecting with fellow TSW warriors across the various Facebook pages, ordering endless supplements and changing my diet to try and find something that would ease my discomfort. Endless days lying in a bath or sitting under a rug to keep warm whilst it was hot and sunny outside, it’s a period of time that I will never forget!

After many weeks and months of suffering, I connected with someone across Facebook who had seen great results with the use of medical grade soda bicarbonate and I was passed contact details for Karyn at InnerbalancePh. I messaged Karyn and found she was both very knowledgeable and helpful regarding TSW, I ordered a supply of Soda and started taking immediately. Within 2 weeks I noticed improvements, and over the past number of months my skin is currently better than I can ever remember. I am now 16 months TSW and am living proof that the continued use of potent steroid creams is not needed to live a happy life with normal skin. The real test came a few weeks ago, when I went on a holiday, previously my skin reacted badly in sunshine, this time I spent the entire week in the sun and my skin remained clear and without itch. I now spend time connecting with others who are suffering in the midst of TSW, if I can heal using the soda product then so can others. Karyn and the soda product have been my life saver.
Nick Edwards
Isle of Man

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