Chubby Bee

Reagan Kemper

Karyn turned our lives around. Her kind and thoughtful demeanour made it possible to try the Soda she was working with which made me realise what a wonderful product it was! We were suffering with Topical Steroid Withdrawal and within 6 months, my daughter was better. Within a month, huge leaps and bounds. The Soda bathes were the only thing my daughter used for her skin. No moisturizers. I solely thank the Soda bathes for providing my daughter comfort in a time where she was truly suffering and nothing else helped.
She was suffering from strep and staph infections when I introduced the soda and has never dealt with them since. Our whole family still uses Karyns soda when we take bathes. It makes the water smooth and leaves our skin feeling wonderful.
Thank you Karyn for sharing the news of this amazing product. You are an angel!
Reagan Kemper

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