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Renata Feiner

I had some open, raw and oozing wounds on the backs of my upper thighs that would not heal for weeks. It was very painful and uncomfortable. I tried the Neem Oil hesitant (that it would sting – it really didn’t) and also hopeful that it would help but not expecting much. After a few […]

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Meghan’s Story

MEGHAN’S STORY: Back in 2015, we had just moved from a beautiful life in Singapore ready to embark on a lifelong dream of bringing our family to Australia. Leaving Singapore was a difficult one due to having to leave strong friendship groups that we called our family. Sadly our eldest daughter Meghan and youngest son

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Reagan Kemper

Karyn turned our lives around. Her kind and thoughtful demeanour made it possible to try the Soda she was working with which made me realise what a wonderful product it was! We were suffering with Topical Steroid Withdrawal and within 6 months, my daughter was better. Within a month, huge leaps and bounds. The Soda

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Nick Edwards

After using topical steroids regularly for over 10 years, I suffered a major flair in March 2017 and decided to stop applying the steroid creams which had been my “go-to” for many years previously. Even in their most potent form I found they were not working any more. By ceasing the steroid creams, I began

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Barbara Lavelle

Hello everyone i live in Canada. I saw the Medical grade Bicarbonate that Karyn works with on Facebook and was at my wits end on how to treat my skin. I saw Karyn’s daughters post and it was just like my skin so i got intouch with Karyn via pm and talked with her at

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